About Halfway Housing

Our halfway house is run with honesty, integrity, and lead by a certified medical doctor, Dr. Raul Rodriquez. We make sure to offer a full range of services to each and every client, which is why we define ourself as a dual diagnosis halfway house.

About Detox

In many, if not most cases of addiction, chemical detoxification is the usual first step in treatment.  Alcohol, sedatives and opiates all require some form of detox.  Alcohol and sedative detox can be dangerous, but if often easier to do with proper medical supervision.  Opiate detox is typically not dangerous, but is more difficult to complete.  Historically, drug and alcohol … Read More [+]

About Psychiatry

Addiction is very often complicated by a co-existing disorder such as major depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or an eating disorder.  Most of these conditions will have their own symptom clusters that worsen the addiction, often triggering the individual to relapse repeatedly.  All of these conditions require appropriate assessment, diagnosis and treatment if there is to be any hope of a … Read More [+]

About Therapy

Group therapy is very different than a 12-step meeting.  Many people confuse the two.  12-step meetings are self help meetings with a certain structure and philosophic base, but do not constitute treatment or therapy.  Group therapy is a structured form of treatment that is facilitated by a therapist, usually with a specific topic or focus.  The therapist often follows a … Read More [+]

About Depression

Depression is one of the most common conditions in all of psychiatry and is a very common co-existing condition with addiction.  Depression may result from any combination of a genetic predisposition, severe personal stressors, certain psychological predispositions such as a negative outlook, and neurochemical depletion from years of drug and alcohol use.  Most people start to use substances to pursue … Read More [+]

About Eating Disorders
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